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    My name is Rafi Abdurrahman Ridwan, I am a Fashion Designer and yes I’m also a deaf. But let me tell you something, I can hear voices in colors! It’s started when I was three or four, I asked my mom, Shinta Ayu Handayani, what sound sounded like and she explained to me that sound is made up of many colors, like yellow, pink, blue and so on. That started my obsession with art and colors. Every sketch of my designs and accessories is using colors of the rainbow. I can find ways to change those missing sounds into a colorful world of drawings. That’s my Art! I’d be really happy if you just appreciated my art.

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    I am a deaf boy with a big dream. I wish someday I could have a fashion show in Milan, Paris, London, Australia, New York, Japan etc. I want to share my dreams, my blessings to others. I always believe there is a way for people who believe in their dreams. This year, 2013, now I’m 11 years old. I’m not sure what’s next on my journey to becoming a fashion megastar, but I dream that one day I can showcase my art of design on the catwalks of Milan, Paris and Japan. Just like the world-renowned designer Karl Lagerfeld. That’s what keeps me going. Believe and Make it happens
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    Indonesia’s Youngest Fashion Designer: 9 Year Old Rafi Abdurrahman Ridwan Despite being hearing impaired, Rafi has a fashionable imagination. He watched his first fashion show by Auguste Soesastro and was inspired to become a fashion designer. After becoming very ill and bed ridden, Rafi became obsessed with fashion magazines and fashion TV. His mother, Shinta Ayu Handayani said that one day Rafi asked her what sound sounded like and it broke her heart. She explained to Rafi that sound is made up of many colours, like yellow, pink, blue and so on. That started Rafi’s obsession with art and colours. He sketches his designs and even accessories using colours of the rainbow. Rafi’s career took off, after he met Indonesian designer Barli Asmara at the Jakarta Food and Festival Fashion Festival. Barli was very impressed with Rafi’s work and invited him to visit his workshop. After, Barli worked with Rafi to create a small collection which was shown at Canteen in Plaza Indonesia on 20 July 2011. Rafi’s was very much involved in every aspect of his creation, including the fabric used for each garment. His designs were a big hit among the attendees. This small fashion show propelled his career and he was able to collaborate with Nonita Respati of Purana Batik and accessories designer, Ariani Pradjasaputra of the Aarti brand. The three established Purana-Aarti-Rafi (PAR). Their collection debuted at Jakarta Fashion Week 2011 to rousing applause and standing ovation. We can only expect big things from Rafi for 2012 and with industry leaders behind him, including Tyra Banks, he is sure to grow as a fashion designer. Source
Rafi Ridwan’s Collection
It's One of My Collection
‘Echoes of Heritage’
Show tunggal Rafi Ridwan di Jakarta Fashion Week 2012

Hi, my name is Rafi Ridwan

“I am Deaf since birth …Art is my Life…I had hopes and dreams for my Future…My future Dreams is to become the First Deaf Fashion Designer, I want to go Around the World, meet and learn with the people from fashion industri. Wish that someday I Will have my own label in Paris Milan…..Amin"
He may be young, but he has beaten adversity to become Indonesia's next up-and-coming fashion designer
Rafi Ridwan's trademark use of many colours and bold graphic elements of flowers and nature.
Grateful for all the people that have believed in him and given him the opportunity to realize his dreams and overcome his illnesses throughout his life

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